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LW168G Mini Loader




With environmental care, the imported Cummins engine can guarantee the power and reliability, and emissions could to reach the second phase of emission standards for non-road vehicles (MOH Stage 2).

• The features of leading equidistant articulated frame at home, identical track for the front and rear wheel and small turning radius reduce the steering resistance and tyre wear, flexibility, and easy for the operation in narrow area.

• The compact loader takes the lead in using the hydraulic proportion pilot operation of single rod, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator and improve the working efficiency; the priority of load-feedback hydraulic steering could save the energy, which is reliable and convenient for the operation.

• The working devices are designed optimally by the computer. The dumping height, dumping distance, digging force, lifting ability, and total time of three devices reach or overpass the index of the international excellent product. The machine features automatic leveling function and higher working efficiency.

•The combination of the belt type brake controlled by air valve and emergency brake provide safety and reliability for the machine traveling and brake.

•With ergonomic design, the luxury sealed cab features wide visibility and shock absorption. With the option of air conditioning, the operation environment is comfortable and safe. Made from the composite material, the streamlined hood can be opened as a whole. Featuring the excellent visibility in reversing and convenience for maintenance, it can reduce the noise and absorb the shock.

• The adopted hydraulic mechanical transmission can make full use of the engine power, and increase the torque, which can provide larger traction for the machine. Meanwhile, it can gain stepless speed regulation to adapt to the change of the outside force. With improvement of the engine efficiency sufficiently, it can prolong the service life of the transmission parts and engine.

• With the adoption of low-pressure and wide-base off-road tyre, the rear axle can swing up and down around its center, and the machine has excellent off-road performance and traveling through performance, adapting to the travel and operation on the bumpy road.

• More than 10 devices can be selected, such as four-in-one bucket, clamp, side-dumping bucket and etc., featuring more functions.



Length/Width/Height mm


 Rated load


 Operation weight


 KN Max. traction force


 kg Static side dump load


 mm Min. clearance


 Steering angle


 mm Min. turning radius




 km/h Forward 1 gear


 km/h Forward 2 gear


 km/h Reverse 1 gear


 km/h Reverse 2 gear


 Engine model


 KW/r/min Rated power/ rotary speed


 mm Cylinder/diameter/stroke


 m3 Bucket capacity m3


 KN Max. digging force


 KN Lifting ability


 Total time of three devices


 mm Dumping height


 mm Dumping distance


 Tyre specification


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