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KFM-ZZ14AC Self-propelled Aerial Working Platform

KaiFan Brand 16M Articulated Boom Self-propelled Aerial Working Platform Technical Parameters



Working Condition

1Altitude: 0-1000m

2Temperature: -25℃--+45℃, environmental relative humidity ≤90%

3Allowed working condition: solid, stable land, the vehicle should be horizontal

4Wind force: ≤6 degree (wind speed ≤12.5m/s)


Working Range

KFM-ZZ14AC Self-Propelled Aerial Working Platform can be applied in various conditions for aerial working, such as urban road, suburban road, highway, airport, bridges and culverts and so on.


Product Advantages

The process of lifting is steady.

Multi-functional proportional control device, lifting, rotating and walking can operate at the same time.

Full functional ground console, equipped with multi-functional designated symbol, be convenient to use.

Be convenient for working in the narrow areas.

Better ability of crossing the barriers.

Zero emissions,low noise,suitable for indoor operation.


 Main Parameters


The main size parameter

Max working height


Max platform floor height


Max. working outreach


Basket Size


The whole vehicle retracting size


Axle base


The main technical parameter

Load capacity of working basket


Rotation of working platform


Turret rotation


Turret drifting


The max. actuating speedretracting


The max. actuating speedraising or extending


Grade ability retracting4x2


Turning radius


Turning radius


Power parameter

Power source

Storage battery

8 sets 4H  6V315AH

Weight parameter

Weight of whole vehicle



Technical Features

Working height is 16m. Basket could load227kgat most. Adopting battery-driven approach, environmental protection with no pollution, which offers the best choice for people operating in indoor environment.The basket can oscillate in the range of 160°, which is easy to approach the working target. The basket can be equipped with load cell as an option that could prevent from over-load , having high safety.The boom structure is adopted with arm breaker form as well as telescopic together. In fully telescopic condition, the volume is small. The capacity of overbearing barriers is much higher than before.Ana what’s more, the boom can stretch out flexible, no limiting of the area or room.The working area is much larger than before.Max. Turret Rotation could be ±355°, designed be no wagging tail. The protection cover is adopted to be tilting style or rotating style.Its appearance is simple and elegant. Its hydraulic system as well as electric system is convenient for us to maintain and fix. The AC Drives for the chassis is powerful, which is more efficient and reliable than DC Drives. It has a longer operating life, equipped a charger with the truck. Therefore, we could charge it at any time, which is convenient to use. Being equipped with steering configuration of front wheels and with dual drive for rear axle.The whole truck has a good safety capacity, adopting a new design, energy-saving and environment protected, which makes the whole truck has characters of no pollution, zero emission, low noise.Taking international developed CANBUS technique, complete intelligent proportional control by computer which has two controlling methods, one from the earth and the other from the basket. The whole truck has double motors, double hydraulic pumps, owning a function for emergency operation, which freeing customers from worries.


Vehicle Information

1.      Manual Instruction

2.      Certification of quality of the vehicle

3.     Maintenance Manual (Operation instruction)

4.      Operating safety certification

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