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SD13 Bulldozer

SD13 Bulldozer

Rated Power:

Machine Weight:

Blade Capacity:
3.7m3 ( Straight Tilt Blade ) 3.4m3 ( Angle Blade )


●  The extended track ensures low ground pressure, high reliability and strong traction, contributing to precise operation;
●  The power shift transmission not only ensures smooth power shift, but also reaches target speeds and carries out directional transfers with a single control lever;
●  The wet steering clutch and brake can extend service life. They work interactively, ensuring quick and flexible steering operations;
●  The single control lever can control all blade actions;
●  The drift sealing in the drive wheel, track roller and carrier roller can prevent dust from entering the track system, as well as lubricant leakage, thereby ensuring a long service life;
●  The hexahedron cab features wide visibility, and the insulation materials in the cab can reduce noise and vibrations;
●  The spin type fuel filter and dust separator, the air filters and the other filtration devices can prolong work time and reduce service time;
●  The comfortable cab seat can adjust upward and downward, forward and backward, meeting any positional needs the operator may have;
●  Side engine operation and the combination of a drive/brake operation system and foot brake makes overall operation of the bulldozer more rapid and convenient.

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