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DL210G Bulldozer

DL210G Bulldozer




•The flow amplification steering, power shift speed regulation, and hydraulic controlled work devices feature convenient operation, flexibility and comfortableness.
•The work device adopts box type bulldozing arm and bracket, length adjustable linkage and ball joint.
The block type construction machinery drive shaft has good ability of shock absorption, and high reliability in power transmission.
•The whole piece detachable engine hood is convenient for engine service and maintenance.
•The integrated gas pressure protection and emergency brake button is safe and reliable.
•Good maneuverability, convenient transfer, and it will not damage the road.
•The new type luxurious cab can be equipped with optional air conditioner, and it features wide view, sealed vibration absorption, and good operation environment.




Items Unit Parameters
Max.lifting height of dozer blade mm 1000
Max.cutting depth of dozer blade Mm 380
Max. side liftof blade Mm 500  
Max.action kN 141
Articulation angle ° 35
Min.turning radius(Tyre center)  Mm 6500
Gradeability ° 28
Axis base mm 3410
Wheel base mm 2200
Speed gear (forward/reverse) Km/h 11.5/16.5
Gear (forward/reverse) Km/h 37
Engine Model   WD10G220E21
Rated power/Rated speed   162KW/2200r/min
L×W×H mm 7357×3354×3485
Weight t 17
Tyre   23.5-25


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