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Benin - 1 Unit HELI CPCD70 Forklift

Publication Date: 2021-02-28

On February 28th, 2021, EVANGEL exported one unit HELI Forklift CPCD70 to Benin. 

ADVANTAGES of CPCD70 7 ton Diesel Heli Forklift of China
Reliability is based on first-class manufacturing technology.
1. New steering handwheel adjusting mechanism
The patented technology of the new steering handwheel double thread adjusting mechanism improves operating comfort and adjusting reliability.
2. Reliable power system
The HELI transmission box specialized for the truck mode which is the most reliable transmission system in HELI with 20 years of market proof effectively reduces the trouble rate.
Meanwhile, a number of power-assisted devices are assembled to ensure system reliability.
3. Reliable lifting system
High-quality mast ensuring operating safety, and wide view mast fitted as standard with a good view.
World-first class quality U-steel from Germany
Enlarged U-steel cross-section to achieve firm structure
4. Reliable steering system
The steering system adopting new technology not only ensure steady steering, quick positioning, and steering but also ensure the driver's safety.
Wholly hydraulic steering
Small steering radius
Durable tire
5. Air intaking system
Air suction inlet installing on top of the overhead guard brace far away from the dust produced when traveling. Cleaner air sucked prolonging engine service lift.

HELI CPCD70 Forklift