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SD10YE Bulldozer

SD10YE Bulldozer

Rated Power/Revolutions:
74kW ( 100hp ) /220rpm

Machine Weight:

Blade Capacity:


●  With an electronically controlled engine, the SD10YE meets Tier 3/Stage A levels for European and American off-road motor vehicles;
●  Continuous variable transmission and localized rotary functions;
●  Drive operations use a PCCS control system, the working devices use a PPC lead control system, offering flexibility and convenience;
●  The Intelligent control system for cooling water and oil temperatures is highly efficiency and saves energy;
●  Automatic trouble warning and diagnosis functions;
●  GPS intelligent service system for remote position, diagnosis and control;
● ROPS/FOPS hexahedron enclosed cab provides low noise and shock absorption. The split-function air conditioner can both defrost and replace cabin air;
●  The multifunctional dashboard, the operation conditions monitor, the world famous suspension seat, a cup holder, storage box and ash tray, and the roomy cab, provide a more comfortable environment for the operator;
●  Integrated high-intensity main frame;
●  Multi-functional, six-directional blade, which can be used for excavating, transporting, backfilling and grading for project on roads, farms, rivers, urban areas and power plants.

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