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Unveiling the World's Largest: XCMG's 4000-ton All Terrain Crane Sets Off!
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Once again, during the annual "Two Sessions," XCMG (Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group) has delivered a new achievement. On March 6th, the record for the world's largest wheeled crane was broken once again as the 4000-ton-class wheeled crane was unveiled, drawing global attention back to the crane industry. "Made in China," "Made by XCMG," this is the legendary track of super-heavy lifting equipment continually being written by XCMG.

Starting from 2010, XCMG has initiated a series of groundbreaking actions in the global crane development history. Breaking the monopoly of foreign brands in the development and manufacturing of thousand-ton-class cranes, XCMG has surpassed the operational height and lifting capacity records held by European and American manufacturers for decades, pushing them repeatedly into higher performance zones.

The lineup of high-tonnage products continues to expand. This not only marks a milestone in the development of XCMG cranes but also serves as solid evidence of Chinese brands accelerating their upward trajectory and breaking into the high-end market.

In the track of China's wind power construction towards higher and larger development, XCMG, with 61 years of accumulated crane technology, has once again shattered users' perceptions of equipment in terms of safety, efficiency, and performance. Through the empowerment of XCMG's 4000-ton-class crane with high-performance flexible arm technology, it has addressed the installation challenges of ultra-high-power wind turbines, while continuously enhancing crane safety performance.

With over a dozen sensors distributed on the arm, and utilizing independently developed control systems and active safety technology, XCMG's 4000-ton-class crane can detect and promptly eliminate safety hazards that may affect construction, ensuring real-time "insurance" status during wind power lifting operations.

It is worth noting that the active safety technology applied to the 4000-ton-class wheeled crane has been first used on 2600-ton and 3000-ton products and has undergone rigorous testing for several consecutive years.

In the market for super-heavy lifting equipment, if one only focuses on "rolling" tons and "rolling" prices, the leading role of technological innovation will never be realized. Therefore, XCMG has early on focused on "rolling up" quality, technological systems, and value, systematically building its capabilities step by step.

Currently, in the field of super-large equipment, XCMG's crane machinery has fully mastered the design technology of large deformation and nonlinear structures, forming globally unique computational analysis methods and models, with international leading precision in large structure calculations. With a series of industry-leading technologies, XCMG is also active in various major construction applications globally.

By 2023, XCMG has delivered over 200 units of thousand-ton-class wheeled cranes, indicating that XCMG's large-tonnage cranes have gained recognition from users.

Leading the way, bearing heavy responsibilities, and making contributions! Leveraging the records created and broken by their wheeled crane products, XCMG not only accelerates its leading position in the thousand-ton-class crane field but also shoulders the responsibility of key core technological breakthroughs with new industrial technology independence and controllability. Striving to promote the industry's connotative and high-quality development, advancing towards high-endization, and continuously strategizing, accumulating strength, and gathering momentum, XCMG endeavors to become a "century-old shop" in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry and a world-class enterprise.

Unveiling the World's Largest: XCMG's 4000-ton All Terrain Crane Sets Off!