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Snow Removal Tools! LIUGONG Graders Can Help You Tackle Winter with Ease!
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The LiuGong grader is a dependable and efficient snow removal equipment. It is equipped with advanced technology and a powerful power system that can quickly and thoroughly clear snow from roads and grounds, making it suitable for small parking lots, sidewalks, large squares, and roads. With the LiuGong motor grader, your snow removal work can be twice as effective with half the effort.
Snow Removal Tools! LIUGONG Graders Can Help You Tackle Winter with Ease!

01 First-class industrial design level
1. Chinese, American and British experts for five years, more than 20 patented technologies.
2. The whole machine design follows the golden section law, and the modeling is avant-garde.
3. The first grader in China to win the red dot product design award.
4.Won the 2020 National Design Excellence Award.

02 Breakthrough innovation, leading the trend
1.Patented five-pillar cab, 324° panoramic view.
2. Unique working device mechanism, the shovel blade lifting height is higher, and the blade can be lifted directly onto the truck.
3.Large shovel angle adjustment range, smaller turning radius, adapt to more working conditions.

03 Efficient and reliable, the king of flat road
1.National four power, high quality ZF gearbox, professional matching, green environmental protection, high efficiency output.
2.Slewing bearing integral bridge, closed roller working device, equipped with 203 knife plate, easy to "open the big pile".
3.Patented frame structure, finite element depth optimization, easy to deal with extreme working conditions.

04 Comfortable and easy to use, safety upgrade
1.High-quality interior and integrated air-conditioning, creating a comfortable space.
2.Optimized and reconstructed handling system, comfort increased by 30%.
3. Intelligent housekeeper optimization, equipment dynamics under control.
4.Standard LED work light, safer construction at night.

05 Easy maintenance, worry-free
1.The hood electro-hydraulic control lifts and tilts forward by 50°, making it easy to maintain the engine in all directions.
2.Extra large frame articulation space, transmission, work pump one-stop maintenance.
3.Fuel tank low position design, refueling is super convenient.

Snow Removal Tools! LIUGONG Graders Can Help You Tackle Winter with Ease!

LiuGong is committed to innovation and development, consistently improving product quality and technology. We also prioritize providing users with comprehensive support and services. This includes equipment training, technical support, and a robust after-sales service system to ensure timely assistance and support throughout the use of our products.

Snow Removal Tools! LIUGONG Graders Can Help You Tackle Winter with Ease!