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Brazilian Client Inspected Horizontal Directional Drills at XCMG

Publication Date: 2009-09-24 Promulgator:admin Clicks:2736

During June to August, 2009, some Brazilian client show great interest in our XCMG Horizontal Directional Drills for Brazil No-Dig market. We negotiated with them for months, and encouraged them to come to China for a visit.

In September 2009, a Brazilian client representative flied to China to have an onsite check for the horizontal directional drills. We first accompanied him to go to the working site to test the real working conditions of the machines. Then we invited him to visit our factory in Xuzhou. The client is an expert in HDD industry for twenty years, and he was satisfied with our machines, and also raised some suggestions for further improvements in some aspects.

Later we had a strong cooperation of annual 20 units for Horizontal Directional Drills in Brazilian market. We welcome the clients from other countries in the world to use our HDD machines.