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Mauritania - 2 Units XCMG LW500FN Wheel Loader

Publication Date: 2021-11-27

On November 27th, EVANGEL exported two XCMG LW500FN Wheel Loaders to Mauritania.

LW500FN wheel loader is the latest cross-generation product developed by XCMG based on globalized technologic resources. Focusing on customer value and emphasizing the customer experiences, XCMG's new generation loader boasts outstanding advantages (such as efficiency) in the fields of engineering constructions, aggregate yards, and coal logistics.

Weight: 16.9 t
Standard tyres: 23.5-25-16PR
Bucket width: 3.016 m
Bucket capacity: 4.5 m³
Bucket capacity min.: 4.5 m³
Travel speed: 40 km/h

XCMG LW500FN Wheel Loader