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Burkina Faso - 1 Unit LIUGONG CLG6120E Road roller

Publication Date: 2020-11-22

On Nov. 22th, EVANGEL exported one unit of LIUGONG road roller CLG6120E to Burkina Faso. 

20 tons of brand new single-drum roller, Shangchai State II engine, power 132KW/1800HP, mechanical operation, with claw pad,

Product Features:
Flexible and non-impact technology on our vibratory rollers extends the vibratory bearing’s working life to beyond 10,000 hours increasing productivity and reducing part wear.
With a larger diameter drum, combined with amplitude consistency and uniformity, we ensure that the optimum compaction force is delivered with fewer passes required.
Patented cooling technology inside the drum keeps temperatures balanced at around 90° centigrade, 20° lower than the industry average. This stable temperature regulation helps prolong component life and reduces maintenance.