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Kazakhstan - 1 Unit ZOOMLION ZTC250A552 Truck Crane

Publication Date: 2020-06-09
On 9th June 2020, EVANGEL exported 1 unit ZOOMLION ZTC250A552 truck crane to Kazakhstan.

• A truck crane featuring full circle swinging, telescopic luffing jib, and five-section boom;
• Three-axle dedicated chassis, broad vision, simple and generous decorations, 6×4 drive;
• It adopts a load feedback hydraulic proportional directional valve and quadruple gear pump system, with such safety devices as an overflow valve, balance valve, hydraulic lock and brake valve equipped to prevent oilway overload and avoid accidents due to pipe fracture;
• Such safety devices as torque limiter and a complete lighting system are equipped to ensure safe and reliable operation, and facilitate operation at night;

The configuration of ZTC250A552 is:
1. Max rated lifting capacity:25000kg;
2. Working radius: 3 meters;
3. Engine: Weichai;
4. Engine rated Power: 199KW;
5. 5 section boom; Joystick control;
6. Over Dimension: 12950*2500*3450mm;

ZOOMLION ZTC250A552 Truck Crane

1 Unit ZOOMLION ZTC250A552 Truck Crane

ZOOMLION ZTC250A552 Truck Crane

ZOOMLION Truck Crane