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Birthday Party at Christmas Holidays

Publication Date: 2015-12-25 Promulgator:admin Clicks:6585

To celebrate birthday in a special day was really a unforgettable experience.

On Christmas day of 2015, Evangel held a birthday party in KTV for those who born in November and December. All the staff including attended it.

During the party, everything was singing their loved songs, eating snacks, drinking juice. The climax of the party came with the songs "Happy birthday to you ...". It was a sweet and warm moment. Everyone  gave their best wishes to the birthday girls Penny, Nicole and Adela. We wished them health, wealth and happiness. The administration department also prepared gift for 3 of them.

It is because of friendship and love that we could meet each other in Evangel. It is a big family we can share our happiness and sorrow with each other. We will always remember this day with full of warmth and joy.

In this warm and big family, we are engaged in getting better and better to be your most professional and reliable supplier!

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