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Summer Vacation! -- Wonderful Trip to Dongji Isles

Publication Date: 2015-09-18 Promulgator:admin Clicks:6482

In order to ease the work pressure, enhance team cohesion, and reward our contribution in the first half year , on September 18th, 2015, our company organized a three-day exciting trip to Dongji Isles.

The Dongji isles, also named Zhongjieshan Isles, is located in the east side of Zhoushan Islands and it’s one of the most remote islands in our marginal sea. Its marvels in normal people’s eyes have not only brilliant and romantic island scenery, but also god-given peaceful environment out of city’s blatancy.

On the first day, we arrived in our first station after three hours' drive—Zhujiajian Island, where is an importance of Mount Putuo Nationally ranked scenic site. We enjoyed the golden sand beach, blue sky, enough sunshine, everlasting wave, tender sea breeze all the afternoon in the famous Nansha beach. Luckily, we came in the right time, it happened to hold the amazing “Zhoushan international sand sculpture Festival”

On the second day, we went to the East Fushan Island by ship. Seeing the seawater changing from muddy yellow to azure blue gradually, we’re all excited and joyous. After the abundant exquisite and fresh marine food banquet , we walked around all the island. When we went through all hardships to the top of the elephant trunk peak with our partners, we finally found that it was so worthy for the incomparable natural scenery we saw.

In the morning of the last day, we got up early to wait for the sunrise, which is the irradiation point of the first sunlight in the Chinese inhabited land. It made all of us shocked and moved when we saw the sun rising from the water lever to the sky slowly, the sky turned bright gradually. After we went to the Miaozi Lake and wandered around to feel the local conditions and customs and buy the specialty. Until it was getting late, we were reluctant to leave.

It was really a wonderful journey with cheerful chatting and laughing all the way, and our company made adequate preparation such as the convenient carsick posted, superb sea view room, small snacks on the way, and various spare items. This spiritual trip not only relaxed us but also enhanced our feeling and tacit degree. It created a harmonious atmosphere of the team, stimulates our work enthusiasm and helped us better communication in future work. We all hope to put our full of energy into the job, and make most contribution for the further development of our company!

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