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EVANGEL Held a Birthday Party in November 2018

Publication Date: 2018-11-28 Promulgator:admin Clicks:1822

To reflect the company's humane spirit and caring for employees, the employees are integrated into the company family. Evangel had organized a monthly employee birthday meeting in November 2018. The theme of this birthday party was: Evangel Group let us give our wishes to our birthday stars in gratitude. 

On November 2018, the "birthday party" was held as scheduled. The birthday stars in November participated in the party. The whole birthday party was lively and the content was very interesting. so that everyone had a happy and unforgettable birthday in joy.

In the end, everyone sang birthday songs together to celebrate birthday parties and shared delicious birthday cakes. The happy time was always very fast and I look forward to the next employee birthday party.  Happy birthday to all the birthday stars and congratulations to everyone for their smooth and happy work in the New Year.

Fate makes us meet in Evangel, sweet and happy day for everyone. A stronger and bright future will come in future.

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