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EONMAC Group Opening Ceremony

Publication Date: 2018-08-08 Promulgator:admin Clicks:1683

EONMAC Group has welcomed the grand opening ceremony on  August  8 which date is the milepost that symbolizes the new span for the EONMAC. Meanwhile, the number “8” has a good moral in China -- fortune.

Our Evangel was privileged to witness and took part in this great moment as one of the subsidiary corporations of EONMAC Group.   The 1000+m² new office is located in the centre of Shanghai, with many advantages and convenience, which shows the strength of the enterprise.

We received swarming guests, including the leaders of the B2B platforms, bank heads and enterprise bosses. Everyone was chatting and smiling with the cake and champagne. the photographer helped to capture and record every memorable moment. laughter and applause have permeated the whole ceremony. Finally, the opening ceremony had come to a successful conclusion. and it also opened a new chapter for EONMAC Group!

All the staff of Evangel felt honoured to work in a beautiful environment. it is convinced that EONMAC Group will create a more successful and brilliant future!

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