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EVANGEL Team Outing to Shanghai Disneyland

Publication Date: 2017-05-23 Promulgator:admin Clicks:3370
On 23th. May, 2017, Evangel Company organizes an exciting trip to Shanghai Disney Resort which is the first Disney theme park with an unique blend of Disney magic and Chinese culture in China mainland

Before we entering the Disneyland Park, we started a game which requested to share wonderful moments in Disneyland in wechat, and the ones who get most “like” would get a mysterious gift from our director, Mr. Dennis. It was also a competition of marketing skills. Everyone were excited to take an active part in this game.

Shanghai Diseyland Park has six theme parks: Mickey Avenue, Gardens of imagination, Fantasyland, Tomorrow land, Adventure Isle, Treasure Cove. Visitors may receive location attractions in the application area of the park visitor service center to receive the Disney fast pass. The Most popular Disney attractions were Thunder Mountain Drifting, Pirates of the Caribbean, Tron Lightcycle Power Run Vehicle, Soaring Over the Horizon, Marvel Universe and etc. 

Everyone was full of joy and shocked by all the fantastic, thrilling, or creative attractions. Those who don’t adore the thrill of attractions experienced Enchanted Storybook Castle, Alice in Wonderland Maze, "Once Upon a Time" Adventure, which were with beautiful landscape design and full of romantic. 

After our Disneyland party, it was time for our dinner and publishing the winner who got most “like” in wechat moments! We celebrated Children’s Day (Jun. 1st) in advance and every winner got a Mickey or Minnie Toy. 

At 8:00pm, a nighttime spectacular of magic and light “Ignite the Dream” began, it  orchestrated fireworks, fountains, inflatables, lasers and sky-high projections sure to send imaginations soaring. Fireworks brought us a happy ending for the wonderful journey. 

It is really a fun experience filled with creativity, adventure and thrills for all!

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