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EVANGEL Travel with Yourself in 2019
Publication Date: 2019-10-24 Promulgator:admin Clicks:2203

In this charming spring breeze and rain, EVANGEL director Sophia leads everyone to the villa built by the team, and feels the original ecological natural environment surrounded by green trees in the villa, relaxes and releases oneself.

The friends arrived at the villa with excitement and excitement. After gathering and grouping, they began to separate operations, picking vegetables and fruits in the green and organic ecological farm. The fresh green leeks, the green rapeseed, the vitality of the cabbage, and the sweet and delicious cherry tomatoes on the branches. The friends are playing and chatting while picking fruits and vegetables. It’s so fun to experience the relaxed and happy life of the primitive farmhouse, and they will pick them soon. A few baskets of fruits and vegetables.

After picking, the friends rolled up their sleeves and worked in a division of labor. Some washed vegetables, some chopped vegetables, some chopped chicken, and some killed fish, all of which were full of excitement. Stir-frying is a test of ability. I didn’t expect that the little brother in the technical department would always type code quietly. He was also a good cook at the start. He was skilled in cooking, cooking, cooking, and cooking. In one go, a chef's demeanor is simply a treasure boy! The girls can only stand aside and help out. With everyone’s division of labor, a series of fragrant dishes have emerged, such as beer fish, spicy duck, large plate chicken, mushroom soup, braised eggplant, garlic green vegetables, etc. It makes people drool and wants to move their chopsticks eagerly.