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EONMAC's Annual Trip Of 2019
Publication Date: 2019-07-01 Promulgator:admin Clicks:1475

On July 1, 2019, my company friend arrived in Hailar successfully and started a pleasant trip for four days and three nights. Although the weather is a little hot, still can not stop our excitement. These days we went to the Mozhgrad River, in the boundless sky, in the vast grassland, herds of cattle and sheep dotted between the blue sky and the green grass, free and unrestrained, relaxed and casual. In the vast, people seem so small. At this moment, the heart is very heroic. Later, we also went to the wetland. Ergun Wetland is often referred to as the Genghe Wetland, which is honored as "The first wetland in Asia". The clear water of the root river flows quietly and the bushes along the bank are green, creating a magnificent landscape of river wetlands. 

Looking at this piece of natural ecology in a beautiful oasis, can not help but sigh the uncanny workmanship of nature! Want to watch the beautiful scenery of the wetland park, going to climb a long hill, walking the wetland road, the road in all made of wood, from the main winding down, walking among them, look at both sides of the flowers and trees breathe freely, the little squirrel jumped the cheerful, looking down at the front, then the heart-shaped lake, green bushes, meandering river, is really beautiful. These days we lived in the Mongolian yurts on the grassland, ate the local fresh lamb and fresh yogurt also stayed in the Russian style hotel, watched the wonderful performance of the Russian girls, this unforgettable experience made us forget to return...