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Alibaba Hundred-Regiment Campaign Opening Ceremony
Publication Date: 2018-03-01 Promulgator:admin Clicks:4198

On 1st March, 2018, our company attended Opening Ceremony for “Alibaba Hundred-Regiment Campaign”(2018.3.5-2018.4.20). It is an activity organized by Alibaba among Chinese suppliers on Alibaba. It aims to enable foreign trade personnel to develop their own potential, enhance themselves, and indirectly cultivate excellent employees.

Alibaba set 11 rewards for this campaign and each top 10 enterprises or personnel will win the prize. The winning or losing of the Hundred Regiments Campaign is determined by the amount of Trade assurance. That is to say, the deals should be made on through Trade Assurance order.

There are more than 600 Shanghai companies participated in the opening ceremony, and Alibaba divides 600 companies into 5 regiments. Each regiment has about 120 companies and a chief of command, who designated strategy and tactics to lead us to win the competition. At the opening ceremony, we participated in a lot of games to enhance regiment cohesion.

Evangel Industrial (Shanghai) Co., Ltd also participated in the competition, and our director is our legion’s chief. As a member of team, we are passionately and actively involved in competition. Our target is to win 10 rewards during Alibaba Hundred-Regiment Campaign and we believe we will make it, because we have a great team and leader. Let’s rock it! Success will belong to us!