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Wonderful Annual Party and Exciting Trip in Phuket Island
Publication Date: 2018-01-21 Promulgator:admin Clicks:3132
On 21th. January 2018, Evangel Company organized an one-week amazing journey to Phuket and held a wonderful annual party there to reward our achievement in 2017. The theme of this trip is Phuket Outing, Fighting for Better 2018.
Phuket Island located in the west coast of Thailand. With its charming scenery and rich tourism resources, it has "Chen-pao Island", "treasure island" reputation. We are so exciting for have a fantastic trip in such charming place.

In the evening of first day, we held our grand new year celebration party. Evangel director, Mr. Dennis, shared achievements we have gotten in 2017 and extend his great thanks for all the team of their hardworking. Every outstanding colleagues who have made great contributions got exciting awards, such as cellphone, laptop, ipad, etc. After review, everyone set a new goal for 2018. We enjoyed this admirable moment of honor and responsibility and believe that our future will shine.

From 23th to 26th, we visited many famous beautiful scenic spot of Phuket. We were boating in Phangnaga Bay, enjoying the sun bath in Valentine's Beach, snorkeling in Phi Phi Don, taking part in local water-splashing, tasting delicious Thailand special cuisine, watching beautiful Simon Show and enjoying fabulous Thailand Massage. Every day is full of laugh, happiness and joy. All of us were deeply impressed by the incomparable charming scenery we have seen. We will never forget the blue sea, wonderful world undersea, beautiful sunset and all moving moments brought by our warm team in this romantic city.

In the whole week, we had an amazing and unforgettable experience filled with happy, surprise and sensation. This exciting journey created harmonious atmosphere and enhanced cohesion for our team. We will keep all the beauty in mind and embrace the challenge to fighting for better future and stronger team. What a wonderful and meaningful journey it is!