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EVANGEL Attended Alibaba Banquet and New Foreign Trader Starting Ceremony in Shanghai
Publication Date: 2017-12-06 Promulgator:admin Clicks:3746

On 6th. Dec,2017,Evangel representative and sales were invited to attend Alibaba Return Banquet and New Foreign Trader Starting Ceremony.We feel so pleased to participate in this large and meaningful activity.

This activity is divided into ten parts as below:

12:30-12:45 : Activity sign-in

12:45-13:00 : Opening Ceremony

13:00-13:15 : General manager of east China regional Shanghai Sun Wenping giving a speech about New Foreign and New Future

13:20-13:20 : 102 New Foreign Trader Starting Ceremony

13:20-13:30 : Awarding ceremony-Wind and rain together captain awards

13:30-15:00 : Director of Alibaba Website Operator Liu GuangJun Sharing on the theme of New Foreigh Trade and New Future

15:00-15:15 : Awarding ceremony-KA Merchant captain awards

15:15-16:45 : Alibaba's top 10 new foreign trade people Yin ZhiXiang Sharing on the theme of New foreign trade equation

16:45-17:00 : Awarding ceremony-New foreign trade ontology service benchmarking enterprise

17:00-17:15 : The end of the ceremony

At 1:20pm, we got the Wind and rain together captain awards, and we feel very honored to be awarded this prize by Alibaba.This award is very meaningful to us, It is a great affirmation and support for our company. Although we have 10 years experience in construction machinery, We still need to innovate and work hard in the future.

During this alibaba activity, we noted that the purchaser are getting more and more younger, and micro-buyers make up a large percentage. This means that our employees also need to get more younger, It's not just the young age, but also the thought and the learning ability also need to be younger and so on.

This activity emphasizes once again that now is the data age,we need to follow the changes in this data age, grasping every opportunity for development and getting more and more stronger.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing our best today, and whatever is worth doing is worth doing well now.