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Management Training in Alibaba and Taiji Zen Hall
Publication Date: 2016-11-04 Promulgator:admin Clicks:3819
In order to grow business, Evangel planed to develop management expertise and innovation across our team. From Nov. 4th to 6th 2016, five of sales managers from Evangel International Machinery attended training lessons of management in Alibaba Ofiice and Taiji Zen Hall.

The 3-day courses were as below:
Date Time Subject Lecturer
Nov. 3rd 9:00-9:30 Opening Ceremony 
 9:30-10:30 Significance of New  Iron Army Spirit Yu Yong
 10:30-12:00 Hire & Fire Liu Ting
 130:30-15:00 General Principles on Alibaba Management  Chen Wen
 15:00-16:30 Performance Management Wang Jun
 19:30-21:00 A World Café  Yan Ge
Nov. 4th 9:00-11:30 Dream Town –Maker Space Visit 
 13:00-15:00 My Chief and My Regiment Sun Wenping
 15:00-17:00 Makers’ Story 
 19:00-21:00 Meditation trip 
Nov. 5th 9:00-10:30 Taiji Course Taiji Zen
 10:30-11:30 Chinese Calligraphy - The Heart Channel of Hand-Shaoyin Taiji Zen
 13:30-15:00 A Comprehensive View on Alibaba Yang Zhihao
 15:00-16:00 Graduation Ceremony Hupan University

Alibaba Group is a Chinese e-commerce company that provides consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via web portals. It also provides electronic payment services, a shopping search engine and data-centric cloud computing services.
During the course, we learned how to develop company and business based on Internet; how to hire and fire employees; how to manage a team or train an employee; How to realize our social responsibility, and etc. There is no trick for management, only love and responsibility!

Taiji Zen is a lifestyle “Health and Happiness for All” through a balance of physical wellness and mental fitness. Through a hour-long program in Taiji Zen Hall, we felt the benefits of physical exercise and mental relaxation. 

We believe, with continuous learning, innovation and keeping pace with the times, we will do better and better!