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Outward Bound in The Golden Phoenix Hot Spring Resort
Publication Date: 2016-09-25 Promulgator:admin Clicks:3694

On Sep 25, 2016, Evangel came with Forest Group to The golden phoenix hot spring resort to have two-days outward bound. There were many tense and interesting competitions among all participants separated to two teams. The events included team building、 team challenge、teamwork rewards and punishments with our full energy. It was a great way to challenge ourselves and improve our problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills with a lot of fun.

During the two days, two teams presented some shows with great design. We tried our best to get strong cohesion and friendship. In the evening, we had barbecue in singing and dancing atmosphere. Besides, famous hot spring made us really relaxed.

After the outward, we all are in full of passion and flight for the better future of Evangel.