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Uzbekistan Clients Visited Evangel Office

Publication Date: 2019-05-19 Promulgator:admin Clicks:903

On 19th, May 2019, My Uzbekistan clients visited Evangel office.

Before they come, We have been contacting for a long time and discussed many machinery businesses via email and mobile phone. Thus, I was looking forward to seeing them eagerly!

Mr. Alik and his friend were interested in the Mining dump truck, CNG dump truck, cement truck, wheel loader, and excavator. 

According to their requirements, I recommended a suitable model and showed them details, price and pictures. After a long negotiation, the clients said they need to confirm all the machines freight with their forwarder. Besides, we looked around the office and then took the special photo album as a memory. The clients said they would confirm the order soon and expect to cooperate with us further.

Uzbekistan Clients Visited Evangel Office