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Egypt Clients Visited Evangel Office and XCMG Factory

Publication Date: 2018-01-06 Promulgator:admin Clicks:847

On January 6th, 2018, our esteemed client Hisham from Egypt came to my office and visited our factory. Mr Hisham has his own construction company and he is also a professional engineer, so he was interested in inspecting machine in the factory.

We came to the factory by high-speed train and inspected different kinds of wheel loader in the factory, Hisham showed great interest in ZL50GN loader and asked many detailed questions. The special requirements for their local market are with oil-bath filters, rock bucket and desert tires with 20 days manufacturing time. Besides wheel loader, we also visited the excavator factory and had a test of the excavator.

After came back to Shanghai, we talked about the contract and reached the agreement. Downpayment was paid immediately by his friend in Shanghai. Looking forward to our long-term relationship.